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Your strengths are compassionate and cognitive empathy. You are good at detecting other people’s emotions and you show empathy also with your actions. You are an excellent team player and your friends value your insightful advice. Boldly use your strengths and act for a more emphatic world!

With cognitive empathy, you observe other people’s emotions. You understand their experiences, values and motives.

In compassionate empathy, understanding others leads to actions that take them into consideration. You often help other people or change your behaviour for their benefit.

The third form of empathy is emotional empathy. With it, you experience other people’s emotions genuinely, strongly and immediately. It is easy for you to be happy and sad with others. Your friends can count on your support when they need it.

The different types of empathy are tangled up and work best together. Most likely, you are using all three types in different situations, and simultaneously as well.

Emphatic thinking also includes widening your circle of empathy. It’s often easiest to empathize with people similar and close to us. People who are different from us, or are far away, also need our empathy.


Many of us feel empathy often, but we don’t always dare to say it out loud. It is important that our empathic feelings also lead to actions. Here are some small but remarkable ways to put empathy into action:

Take a look at the empathy workout.

Donate to build a more empathic Finland with us.

Volunteer with FRC.

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