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Nura Farah

Empatialähettiläs Nura Farah

Our Empathy Ambassador Nura Farah writes stories so that people can better understand their differences. “For empathy to arise, one has to have the courage to face differences”, Nura says. As an author she believes that we need more different kinds of stories and viewpoints.   Nura Farah, you are an author and have written …


Muijavaaran empatialähettiläskuva

Our Empathy Ambassador Venla Vaattovaara illustrated a hundred women she admired for a hundred days. “I believe that the more empathy you spread around you, the more empathy you get back in return.” Vaattovaara has also illustrated our empathy superheroes – find out which hero you are in our empathy test!   Venla Vaattovaara, why …

Do Empathy Challenge: Judges’ favorite team is taking empathy to gaming platforms

Do empathy-mainoskuva

Empathy Movement together with Helsinki Think Company and Vikes (The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development) organized a 3-day online challenge for a more empathic society. During the weekend teams were challenged to reconstruct their ideas of what empathy means to people and how we can increase it in society. Do Empathy brought together students, …


Aida Impact

AIDA Impact, a jewellery company founded by Elina Siira, employs women who have recently immigrated to Finland. For them, AIDA is the first step to building a working life in Finland and also an opportunity to combine motherhood and earning a living. The AIDA people share their love for beautiful jewellery and crafts. According to Elina, our Empathy Ambassador from AIDA, recognizing what we have in common is the beginning of empathy.